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What is ah baby! ?

Homemade products for everday living with an emphasis on sewing. 

ah baby! is a work-at-home-mom's home sewing business. Sitting at craft and vendor sales she quickley grew tired of sewing things that people didn't want to buy and trying to sell them. That's when the tagline Custom Design was added. It is still mostly clothing that is made, and there will always be children's clothing that is ready to sell and ready to wear. But now ah baby! is also offering customized orders made for each customer's specifications. The love of creating things can be lost when they don't find a loving home, so let ah baby! Custom Design personalize a special order just for you!

All in-stock fabrics and pattern for custom order can be viewed in the private facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group/ahbabycustomdesign/
With time these will also be available for viewing on the website as well.

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Who is ah baby!?

First and foremost a mother of two amazing risilient little boys, secondly a military wife. Truth is when you marry a man already married to the military you don't just become a wife, you become a military wife, a special breed of women all of our own. Independent and adventurous, yet cautious, there isn't much I wouldn't try doing. I also love supporting a good cause, whether it be fundraising by shaving my head and donating my hair to the Canadian Cancer Society, donating my time to a local organization like Early Years Centres, or volunteering to support and bring military wives together through the Canadian Military Wives Choirs; I always have 

I also come from a long line of sewists. My uncle even owned his own Fabric Shoppe and was a regular at the Toronto International Centre's Christmas Craft show. sewing is in my blood, and my heart. 

To get to know me a bit better check out some of the blogs!  Or find me online under the name of HerlyMom.


I'll do you one better



Why is ah baby! ?

Why should you shop and support ah baby! ? 

The short answer is because it's an awesome perosn trying to make a go of a less-than-ordinary situation.


Being a military family, postings and moves are a part of life. Sometimes living somewhere you don't speak the language is also a part of life ( like right now). When you don't speak the language of the area there are very few options for employment. So why not change your passion into your job and bring your job with you no matter where you live? That way we can afford to put our kids into hockey and gymnastics, pay for the extra recommended speech therapist sessions and go for the occassional movie or ice cream cone. By doing this I can make my own hours, or work late into the night around our crazy family's needs, like days when the kidlets are sick.

Another reason to choose to shop and support ah baby! Custom Design, is to support a proud Canadian, that chooses to support other Canadians through using many Canadian suppliers as much as possible. 

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